Daniel Palcu - My Shodan Experience

I think that one can roughly split his/her days of the week in good ones and not so good ones. Basically that gives you 50% chances to have a good day! If you are an optimist of course…

This is how I was during the morning of my black belt grading! Full of optimism, enthusiasm, energy, you name it, I had it!

I was confident that I knew my sets, my kata, I said to myself that I will focus on my old injuries and finish that day injury free, I had a plan!

Well… the reality was a bit different…

I soon realised that in fact it was one of the other days… when nothing goes according to the plan.

But that was in fact just another lesson of karate. I had to learn to improvise, I had to keep fighting with an injury, I had to do my best to keep the techniques to the best standard that I could and basically just to keep going until it was done.

At the end, I graded successfully so I can now say that is was actually one of the good days!

It felt definitely as a milestone for my karate journey and I now understand the old quote "From white belt to black belt you shape the tool, at black belt you start to learn how to use it."


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