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Competition Day 2007

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Saturday 10th February saw a large number of CFTS karateka descend upon Bletchley leisure centre for this years CFTS Open Day. Events in team kata, individual kumite and senior team kumite offered a varied selection for participants and spectators alike.

The morning commenced with an opening ceremony and a welcome from Sensei Kidby, who thanked everyone for their attendance. He also went on to thank all those who had helped to organise what ended up being a very pleasant day's competition. He also went on to thank the paramedics in attendance who agreed to be our first aiders for the day. We then paused for the national anthem after which Sensei quoted Funakoshi Gichin saying it was better for competitors to think of not losing than to think of winning.

The competitions opened with the team kata events, teams of three performing the kata of their choice in sync, spread over two categories, up to 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and above. Two at a time, the teams went head to head, with the winning team going through to the next round and hopefully on to the finals which took place at the end of the day.

On more than one occasion of the numerous rounds of kata, there was little to choose between the teams and the judges were faced with some very difficult decisions. However eventually in the lower grade final Newport Pagnell came out on top, and Bletchley were very creditable runners up.

In the senior grade category there were some expert renditions of advanced kata. One round saw two teams both performing brilliant Jitte kata with a united Riseley and Clapham team narrowly beating Wolverton and eventually going on to win the event with the team from Bletchley coming runners up.

After the team kata competition, gum shields were put in place and mitts were put on ready for the individual kumite events. Each karateka who entered had the opportunity to fight several times and a good standard of control meant that the medics in attendance had a quiet day (for the most part).

The kumite events also gave spectators the opportunity to shout themselves silly in support of those fighting, with the fight between Senseis Waterhouse and Livesey providing possibly one of the noisiest moments of the day.

Once the eliminations had been completed and the dust had settled, the finals were able to get under way in the main arena. Again a large amount of audience participation occurred, especially during the adult kumite finals.

The final event of the day was an exhibition team kumite, with a selection of senior grades making up two five man teams. Here the standard was very high with some very close and well fought battles. It was hoped that by watching a team event that many clubs and their students would be motivated into entering teams into next year’s event.

Sensei Chris Toms was this years recipient of the Executive cup, which Sensei Kidby informed those present was awarded by the executive to the karate-ka who had shown the most spirit, sportsmanship in participation over the course of the day. It has become tradition that the previous winner presents it to the new recipient. So on this occasion the cup was presented to Sensei Toms by Sensei James Kidby who in return was awarded a smaller replica of the cup to keep.

After the presentation ceremony of medals and trophies which were handed out by Sensei Finch, Sensei Kidby awarded a clock to commemorate the day to him in thanks for helping judge and officiate.

The day drew to a close (on time) with a genuine thank you from Sensei Kidby to all who had helped make the day such a great occasion whether participant, judge, official, first aider or even just the humble unpaid taxi-driver. Most students are already looking forward to the next one where it is hoped even more students will enter.


Male and female under 4ft (mixed)

Winner: Liam Shinners

Runner up: Cameron Little

Male and female over 4ft, under 5ft (mixed)

Winner: Ben Watters

Runner up: Arun Kidd

Male over 5ft, under 16

Winner: Pav Pavansar

Runner up: Gbolahan Oolanrewaju

Female over 5ft, under 16

Winner: Olamide Olanrewaju

Runner up: Rebecca Carter

Male 16-20 years old

Winner: Sam Fisher

Runner up: Daniel White

Male 21+ years old

Winner: Kirk Sinclair

Runner up: Ian Campbell

Dan Grades (Mixed)

Winner: Barry Nelson

Runner up: Chris Toms

Lower Grade Team Kata

Winner: Newport Pagnell

Runner up: Bletchley

Higher Grade Team Kata

Winner: Clapham and Risely

Runner up: Bletchley


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