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CFTS Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is where harm is caused intentionally, whether physically or emotionally by an individual or group on another person or persons. Key types of bullying are physical harm, intimidation, name calling, emotional, discrimination (due to race, creed or sexuality) and cyber bullying. In fact any method of harming an individual or individuals that causes distress or loss of feeling of self-worth, pain or harm.

The CFTS anti bullying policy runs parallel to our mission and equal opportunities statements. We will be vigilant in looking for any suspicious acts that may be deemed as bullying. Steps will always be taken to support any individual feeling bullied and take prompt action in response to any reported incident. The club instructor, and in the case of a child, the club child protection officer, must be informed at the earliest opportunity as must their parents, guardians or carer. Records of any incident must be kept for as long as the bullied student or the perpetrator remain a member of CFTS.

The Executive and instructors of CFTS will not tolerate bullying and are completely opposed to it in any shape or form. It is entirely opposed to our values and that of the dojo-kun. All CFTS members have the right to personal safety and the right to train in a safe and happy environment. It is the responsibility of all CFTS members and instructors to ensure we maintain a happy, safe environment in which to learn karate to the benefit of all.

Any member discovered to have bullied will only be given one chance. Any second proven incident will result in them having their membership terminated. Any parent or visitor proven to have bullied any student, instructor, fellow parent or other visitor will be not be welcomed back in to our clubs.

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