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Black Belt Code of Behaviour

  • It is the responsibility of ALL black belts within CFTS to ensure the wellbeing of the federation's membership

  • There should at all times be a clean, safe and hazardous free environment in which to train

  • All instructors must have an evacuation procedure

  • Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure safe training methods

  • All instructors will be insured for professional indemnity

  • All instructors will be first aid certificated

  • All dan grades and students will be licenced

  • All instructors will undertake the Coaching qualification

  • All instructors will maintain accurate, comprehensive records of students next of kin, contact information and special needs etc and have these records available at the dojo

  • No black belt will be alone with a minor before, during or after a training session

  • It is a dan grade's duty to attend gradings, courses and other relevant events

  • It is our joint responsibility to implement the above and to adhere to it

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