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Andy Woods

I first began in martial arts when i started Tae-Kwon-Do in 1992. I stayed in the art for 9 months then left as it was not the art for me. In 1993 I approached Sensei Kidby and started Shotokan Karate. I felt this was the art for me as it suited all my needs.

When i joined the association it was was called T.A.S.K. but then it changed to C.F.T.S. later on.

I first passed my Shodan grade in April 1998. I opened my first club in April 1999 at the Brickhill Community Centre. Since then Sensei Kidby and myself have opened two more clubs in Ampthill.

I have now gone on and been awarded Nidan in April 2000 and I would like to thank Sensei Kidby for helping me on my way.

As I progress I hope to help others achieve what they want out of Karate as I have with mine.


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