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Agjier Na-ah

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

My Karate journey started when I was just 7 years old in 2012. My primary school had started an after-school club every Thursday to introduce the year 3’s to the art of karate. I decided to attend the first session due to popular influences such as the film ‘Karate Kid’ and ‘The Spy Next Door. A few years later, the after-school club had ended. However, I did not want this to be the termination of my experience. My mum and I looked for other karate schools within Milton Keynes and quickly found CFTS karate. From the first session in Bletchley, I was infatuated with Renshi Kidby’s energy and humour and for the next few years, he helped me to reach brown belt and receive a club trophy award in 2015.

Once I became a brown belt, Renshi Kidby had told me I need to make karate more of a priority in order to succeed. I started training more often, twice a week and I also spent time at home studying and improving all aspects of my kata, kumite sets and overall knowledge.

My favourite part of karate had always been kumite as it suited my body due to longer limbs. For this reason, I entered the under 14s competition twice. The first time I had entered, my techniques and combinations were very limited. This resulted in me not being able to win a trophy but the next year on May 19th, 2018 I came in first place.

All of these positive experiences led me to the 2021 Shodan grading, where I finally received my black belt. I thank Renshi Kidby, Sensei Wilson, and my mum for inspiring me to better myself. I not only improved in terms of karate but I gained determination and spirit.


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