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The Shotokan Handbook, or Beginning to Black Belt - Gurshuran Sahota

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

This book introduced by 6th Dan Sensei Mick Billman is an important book for all early students of Shotokan. Sahota Sensei's book begins with a history of karate and moves on through Kihon (basics), Kumite (sparring) and Kata (formal exercise).

Countless photographs break down each technique of all of the above making it easily followed and simple for a beginner and advanced student alike to practice. All the kata one needs to take a CFTS student through to Shodan are included in this single volume. The “Kumite Sets” within though, whilst being similar to that of CFTS are not the same in all details but are a good reference non the less.

Towards the back of the book is a glossary of terms and also the TISKA grading syllabus which begins similar to ours but differs more throughout further gradings. Again this makes a good point of reference.

Many such books have been produced on Shotokan but few have achieved the level attained by this one. I have personally known Gursharan Sahota in and out of the dojo for over thirty years and am pleased to be able to call him a friend. We fought in the same TASK kumite team and on opposing teams too within TASK. I have respect for his karate and for him as a person and I have pleasure in recommending his books, which are currently available through your club.


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