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age zuki

rising punch

awase zuki

short U-shaped dual punch

choku zuki

straight punch (no hips) - also known as kara zuki

gedan zuki

downward punch

gyaku zuki

reverse punch

hasami zuki

scissors double (crossing) punch

heiko zuki

parallel punch (double, simultaneous punch)

hiraken zuki

flat fist, all knuckles out flat

ippon ken zuki

one knuckle fist

jun zuki

jabbing punch when stepping into forward stance

kagi zuki

hook punch

kara zuki

straight punch (no hips) - also known as choku zuki

kizami zuki

jabbing punch

mawashi zuki

roundhouse punch

morote zuki

augmented / double punch

nagashi zuki

flowing punch

nakadaka ippon ken zuki

middle finger one knuckle fist

oi zuki

lunge punch

ren zuki

alternative / consecutive punching

sanbon zuki

a series of three punches

shta zuki

downward punch

tate zuki

vertical first punch (wrist snaps forward)

ura zuki

an upper cut / close punch used at close range

yama zuki

wide U-shaped dual punch

yumi zuki

pulling punch (pulling a person on to another punch)


a punch

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