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Milton Keynes and Bedford Area Gradings - March 2012

On the weekend of March 10th and 11th, a large number of CFTS students met at various venues across our area for grading. Generally the standard once again was very high. However, disappointingly, a few fell below what was expected. These students struggled with certain aspects of their grading. The reason for lack of speed or lack of spirit or confidence is a lack of practice. There is no substitute for dedicated practice with it comes a better understanding of each technique plus the ability to perform it with speed and spirit. Over the weekend we made a collection in aid of The Royal Artillery Charitable Fund. Their aim is to assist families of those who have lost their life in action. The inspiration of this was Sensei Kidby whose brother David was killed by a roadside bomb (IED) at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Over £400 was raised which will be added to further sponsorship that Sensei's eldest daughter, Hannah (Nidan), is raising for the cause by running the Paris marathon. If anyone would wish to sponsor her directly or would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause please click on the link below or contact sensei directly.

The link to sponsor Hannah directly is:

For those who won the quarterly awards, which were presented before the gradings, it was a very special weekend.

The winners were as follows:


AMPTHILL Conor Fryer

BRICKHILL Joseph Herbert

BUSHFIELD Jamie Whitehall

CEDARS Molly Handford

CLAPHAM Richard Jepps

KEMPSTON Beatrice Rodriguez-Carisa

RISELEY Rhianna Dawkes

BLETCHLEY Bronwyn Francis



WOLVERTON Angela Bigsby


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