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Updated: Dec 22, 2021



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ashi barai

Foot/Leg Sweep.

fumikiri geri

Cutting kick

fumikomi geri

Stamping kick



gyaku mawashi geri

360° roundhouse kick

hiza geri

Knee kick

kakato geri

Axe kick, striking with the back of the heel


Snap kick


Thrust kick

mae geri

Front kick

mae geri keage

Front snapping kick

mae geri kekomi

Front thrust kick

mawashi geri

Roundhouse kick

mikazuki geri

Crescent kick

nami ash

Evasion snap kick

nidan geri

Double kick

ren geri

Consecutive kicking

shta geri

Downward kick

tobi geri

Jumping kick

ushiro geri

Back or reverse kick

ushiro mawashi geri

Reverse roundhouse kick

yoko geri

Side kick

yoko geri keagi

Side snap kick

yoko geri kekomi

Side thrust kick

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