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Karate Do - My Way of Life - Gichin Funakoshi

An absolutely compulsive read essential for all karate-ka, compulsory for any potential CFTS Dan grade. This is a book I first read in 1986 when given to me by a student as a parting gift being forced to move away due to work commitments.

It is a book I have read many times since and never tire of. A thoroughly enjoyable tale of Funakoshi's childhood, which gives insight to his early years in Okinawa. It tells of his introduction to Karate with many anecdotes of his training regime and simultaneously of his life outside of the dojo. In his own words we learn of how he struggled to popularise karate and though its introduction to mainland Japan to finally be taken up by the rest of the world.

A book to revisit time and time again that gives the reader an insight into the master's way of living, thinking and a sharper awareness of our fascinating art. Something new is learnt every time the pages are turned.

My score for this wonderful little paperback is 10 out of 10. This highly valued book is an important addition to one's private library and is available through your club at £7.50

Alternatively you can buy it through Amazon.


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