Dan Young

I began karate in 2000 when a friend and I went to a beginner’s course at Hazeldene Lower School in Bedford ran by the Association of Traditional Shotokan Karate under the instruction of Sensei Kevin Stark. After the beginners course we both left but, I still wanted to do karate and after a while I came across CFTS’s Brickhill Club at the time ran by Sensei’s Andy Woods and Eamon Kugenieks and my training resumed.

Karate for me has also been a family thing, with my dad returning to karate when I was a purple belt after a 16 year break! My 2 younger cousins and my younger sister also trained for a period of time.

Having progressed through the kyu grades I was invited to grade for my Shodan and in March 2007 I successfully graded for Shodan and in October 2011 I graded for my Nidan which I passed.

Throughout my time in CFTS I have tried to train as much as possible attending Brickhill, Clapham and Kempston clubs. My thanks must go to Sensei’s Saunders, Kidby and McClagish for helping me get to where I am today in my karate.

I thoroughly enjoy all the courses put on by CFTS for varying reasons, the Sensei Finch courses in particular. I have also competed in the CFTS Open Days in both kata and kumite, having varying degrees of success in both. One of my favourite aspects of our art is kata and learning the bunkai to them. My favourite kata at the moment is Kanku-Sho; I also particularly enjoy Bassai-Sho and Kanku-Dai.

I also enjoy reading books etc on our chosen art, especially those concerning the history of Shotokan karate, kata and perfecting technique. You can read the article I put together on karate history on the Karate Articles page.

As for the future my aim is to carry on training for as long as possible and to learn more about our Art.