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Dan Gradings - March 2010

It was a surprisingly warm Saturday afternoon in March when four pale faced karate-ka arrived at Balliol Lower School in Kempston for another C.F.T.S. Dan grading. Three students grading for Shodan (first degree black belt) and one for Nidan (second degree black belt), all nervous and daunted by the afternoon that lay ahead. Watched by 3 members of the Executive and a number of invited Dan grades, they were all put through their paces in their Kihon combinations (basics), various different types of Kumite (sparring) and Kata. This was followed by an oral examination and demonstration of tamishawari (breaking) and a few surprises thrown in, the details of which will remain secret! After several hours of gruelling physical and mental performance the candidates were asked to leave while the panel debated their performance. When asked to return to the hall we were greeted with four very nervous and tired looking faces. Happily, for all concerned, it was announced that all the candidates had been successful and the looks of tiredness and nerves were quickly replaced with looks of relief and pleasure. C.F.T.S therefore welcomes Jack Leeman, Matthew Eagles and Andy Livesey as new Shodans and Luke Whitworth as Nidan. A warm congratulations to you all. Now the hard work starts – trying to keep up the standard through the 6 month probation period and beyond!


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