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Barry Nelson

In 1993 I decided to start a martial art, so I borrowed a book from the library which covered various martial arts and the pros and cons of each art. After reading the book, I decided Karate best suited my body style and mental attitude.

I was studying at Coventry University at the time so I joined the University club. After joining the club I found that I already knew the instructor – it was my old music teacher from my secondary school! – Sensei Trevor Withers (then 4th Dan). The club was affiliated to the AMA (Amateur Martial Arts) Association.

The club was quite different from most clubs as it totally consisted of adults aged about 18 – 35, as it was a University club. Training was quite intense, I usually trained 3 times a week, for around 7-8 hours a week. Fitness was a requirement of my sensei and I usually did a 3 mile run at the end every Sunday session!

In 1996 I moved to Milton Keynes for my first job after graduating. I looked through the local paper and saw Sensei Kidby's Karate advert. I went along and the as they say “the rest is history”!

I was awarded Shodan in 1999 and Nidan in 2003. Recently I graded for Sandan and passed in September 2007. I regularly attend various courses hosted by the CFTS and by other associations/instructors. I have entered quite a few competitions over the years for kumite/kata and won a reasonable amount of trophies.

I have regularly represented the association for team kumite since joining and enjoy a good sparring session. I am also quite fond of the Bo courses and sessions that we have in the CFTS. The association puts on a handful of excellent courses every year – an essential addition to standard karate training! Over the years I have been fortunate to train at several different clubs/instructors – giving me a varied experience of karate. I have trained on courses with several Japanese instructors and some International competition level instructors.

I have now volunteered my services to maintain and develop this website due to my computing background and my fascination of the art. I hope it will turn out as a great resource for all Karate-ka.

Barring injury I regularly train, teach and vastly enjoy my karate. I never become bored as I am constantly trying to perfect my Karate!


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