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Area Gradings - December 2007

The December gradings passed without any mishaps. Generally the standard was acceptable so congratulations must go to all who successfully passed.

However there was one minor disappointment.

It was obvious that higher grades are not practicing their kumite sets migi sufficiently. This caused Sensei to request some of the higher grades to go away to practice them and to return later in the month and demonstrate a better standard. Once the desired standard has been proven to him their new grade will be registered. This should be taken as a wake up call to everyone. It is essential that as Karate-ka we must be capable of defending on both sides equally in the appropriate stance.

Special congratulations, as always, must go to this quarter’s trophy winners.

Ampthill: Mr Andrew Cosbie Brickhill: Nicole Souten Bletchley: Rebecca Carter Bushfield: Mo Chadwick Cedars: Betty Allison Clapham: Eleanor Ciarciaglini Newport Pagnell: Mr Andrew Gillies Newton Longville: Georgia & Shannon Hughes Riseley: Kate Folbogg Wolverton: Ian Campbell Kempston: Sophie Rinaldi

It was a very special occasion too for Mr & Mrs Wilson who, early in 2008, both will have completed twenty five years training in Newport Pagnell club. Mrs Wilson was an inaugural member of the club having attended the opening demonstration and signed up on the night to join the beginners course which at the time cost £10 for the first six weeks. It was later that year that Viv met Jan both living in the town. He was intrigued to know where she kept going and ended up joining the club - probably the only way he was going to see her!

For almost all of their time in the club they have shared the club’s secretarial duties. When in TASK they organised the area’s gradings, something they have continued to do admirably in CFTS. In appreciation and as a mark of gratitude Sensei Kidby presented them both with a watch which was accompanied by rapturous applause from the accompanying students, dan grades and spectators.

Having successfully served their dan grade probationary period, diplomas were awarded to Matthew Carter and Alex Shield of Milton Keynes and also to Daniel Young and Sam Fisher of Bedford and Ampthill respectively. Congratulations to them all!


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