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Welcome to 2021

On behalf of the Chief Instructor, Executive Committee, Club Instructors, all Dan Grades and Kyu grade students, we welcome you to 2021 with CFTS.

2020 has been a strange year for CFTS with the lockdowns, zoom home training, outdoor training, indoor training, then indoor training only for the under 18's but it all culminated in the students being allowed to grade in December. This gave them something to work towards and a nice early Christmas present in the form of a belt colour change! Apologies to the over 18's who were due to grade, but your turn will come.

Although all the clubs are currently closed due to Tier 4 restrictions, training can still go ahead in January using Zoom. It is important to keep up your training and support your club and instructors who have worked hard this last year to keep your motivation flowing.

We wish all the best to everyone for 2021; keep your spirits up through more difficult times ahead and let's look ahead to one day soon all being back in our respective dojos and training together again.

CFTS - January 2021

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