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Viv Wilson

I began training in Sept 1984 with Sensei Kidby at the Ousedale School club in Newport Pagnell. My first major milestone was in Dec. 1987 when I achieved 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt). I usually trained every Tuesday and Friday and when possible made it to the TASK honbu at the Bunyan Sports Centre in Bedford either Saturday for kata else on a Wednesday night for a gruelling session with Sensei Van Weenen.

I was awarded Shodan (first level black belt) in December 1991 by sensei Van Weenen chief instructor of TASK which at the time was affiliated to The Martial Arts Commission, later to be superseded by the English Karate Governing Body.

One of the highlights of my karate was my involvement in fund raising for Karate versus cancer when, in conjunction with other instructors and members of TASK, we raised over £158,000 as a result of losing Sensei Eddie Witcher to the disease.

1994 saw the forming of CFTS into which I became a founder member. I was awarded Sandan in April 2002 and Yondan in March 2008. Along with my wife Jan we have been area grading coordinators since the Federation was formed. We have jointly been Newport's club Secretary for fifteen years and are both on the CFTS technical committee. In 2008 I took over as club instructor at Ampthill which has presented a series of challenges but has been very fulfilling

.I wish to continue training at the Shotokan style, health permitting for the foreseeable future. I wish to gain a greater understanding of the art since I feel I still have only scratched the surface. I also look forward to passing on that knowledge in any way I can. I plan to serve Sensei Kidby and CFTS in any way possible for I am grateful for the support he has shown me. The true battle of karate will, for me, be a battle with myself.


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