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New Officers for CFTS

Sensei Coppen of the Eastern area of CFTS has retired and Sensei Calver of the Western area has also decided to part company with CFTS. Both will be missed by long standing members of the federation.

This has given rise to vacancies within the executive of the federation. The positions vacated have been more than adequately filled by two very strong minded and capable karate-ka.

The position of Chairman has been filled by Sensei Eddie McClagish, instructor at Clapham club, and the Secretary's role has been filled by Sensei James Kidby, instructor at Wolverton club.

Between them they have over fifty years experience in karate and are both pleased and proud to be in their new positions within CFTS. They are both very approachable. Please feel free to raise any issues with them regarding your karate or regards CFTS that you may wish to discuss.

Congratulations to both of them !!

Sensei McClagish has sent a letter addressed to all CFTS Members:


Having recently had the honour of being appointed to the position of Chairman of CFTS, I thought it would be appropriate if I introduced myself and what I consider to be the role of Chairman.

Undoubtedly there are students within the Association who have never met me and probably more who are not sure what a Chairman actually does?

Although I did not commence my karate career until later in life, at the ripe old age of 37, I have always had a fascination for the culture of the far east and all things associated with Martial Arts. For those old enough to remember, the exploits of David Carradine and the “Kung Fu” series had a major influence on me.

Since those early days of my Beginners Course, I can honestly say I have not regretted one moment of my years of training. Fear and trepidation before every grading yes, quickly followed by the elation afterwards as I am sure you have all, by now experienced? Having had these pleasures and the emotional roller coaster experiences over the past years, I am delighted to now have an opportunity to put a little something back into Karate as Chairman of a great Association of Clubs.

As an instructor of one Club with some 40/50 students, I know how time-consuming and involved it can be to maintain training standards, discipline and at the same time a harmonious atmosphere within the club. Multiplying that level of time and energy to run an Association of ten clubs, 500 students and 43 Dan Grades, by a factor of ten, gives me an appreciation of the task Sensei Kidby has on his hands. Now that the other two members of the original three man Executive have left the fold, our Chief Instructor is in need of support and that is where I see my new role.

Many of you will not be aware of the administration that takes place behind the scenes to keep an Association such as ours on the rails but some of the activities I shall be involved with are:

  • Chairing the AGM (Annual General Meeting), including the preparation of the Agenda;

  • Reinstating and Chairing the Technical Committee meetings which, until now have, to my knowledge, rarely taken place. This Committee, comprising of all Nidans and above will consider and agree such things as: the Grading Syllabus; Standards; future Events and their promotion; Competitions and Tournaments;

  • Acting as an intermediary to any student who has concerns with their training, other students, teaching methods etc but feel they are unable to approach, for whatever reason their own Instructor. It has happened to me and I thought I was approachable so it is not unusual. I must say though, I’m neither an “Agony Aunt” nor a qualified therapist…..

Like most like minded karateka, I get pleasure in seeing people happy, enjoying their training and feeling good about themselves. If I can help that to happen, then I will have served a purpose.

You can contact me on


Sensei McClagish

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