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Sensei Randall (M.B.E.) Course - 2006

Once again we were treated to another course by Sensei Randall. After warm-ups we started with Okori-jiyu-ippon combinations (which consists of a combination of 2 attackers and 2 defences). Sensei Randall gave us some combinations of attacks & defences to practice; higher grades were allowed to change some of the combinations when performed at high speed.

Later on we made groups of three and two people attacked the third person with quite a complex series of attacks and blocks.

The course was split into 2 sessions with the final hour put aside to teach high level black belt kata: Gankaku sho, Seienchin and Seipai.

Sensei Randall also managed to demonstrate some bunaki too; here is a short movie clip of two complex moves from Seipai:

The course was well attended as usual. Thanks to Sensei Randall for his teaching, Sensei Kidby for organising the event, and thanks to everyone who turned up and supported the course!

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