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Peter Walker

I started Karate at the age of 16 on a 6 weeks beginner's course, which initially I found very difficult. It was in Newport Pagnell club in TASK under the Instruction of Sensei Kidby at the Ousedale School. Since then I have trained in most clubs in the area. I was presented with the trophy from Newport three times for training hard at karate and attempting to overcome my epilepsy and the drugs I was on at the time which were giving me added difficulties.

I have always enjoyed competitions. My best result was coming 3rd in the team kumite at one of our open days. The majority of my gradings were taken with T.A.S.K. with Sensei Van Weenen but the last three, my most important, have been with C.F.T.S. under sensei Kidby who awarded my Nidan in the spring of 2003.

I have always tried to attend the courses hosted by CFTS which I always find extremely enjoyable. In my opinion the most useful ones have been on knife defences but probably the best were the bo courses because the bo is so different from our usual training an it gives us a good understanding of the bunkai in Shotokan advanced kata. I was very impressed with sensei Akita on the course he took for us. It was my first experience of training with a Japanese instructor. I qualified as an EKGB coach and instructor qualification early in 2001.

One day I would like to run my own club but until then I shall just keep up my personal training two or three times a week with Sensei Kidby.


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