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Sandan - Black Belt


  • Demonstration of all Basic Shotokan techniques against a stationary target


Examiner's choice of Kihon Ippon Sets 1-5, Hidari or Migi

Examiner's choice of Jiyu Ippon Sets 1-5, Hidari or Migi

Demonstration of Kaeshi Ippon Kumite

Okori Jiyu-Ippon Kumite

Jiyu Kumite against four consecutive Dan grades



Any of the first kyu, Shodan or Nidan kata (at examiner's discretion)

Any Tokui high grade kata of the student's choice

Demonstration of Tokui Kata Bunkai

Demonstration of bunkai of the examiner's choice


Oral examination: to assess student's knowledge and character, including:

This syllabus is intended as a guide only and to assist with personal training. In a grading, the order of the techniques may be changed as may the combinations themselves.

Any kata and kumite from any previous grading should be expected to be performed, thus ensuring continued practice.


Remember that the attitude, etiquette, manners and, above all, the spirit displayed by the student whilst grading is as important as the techniques and combinations themselves.

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