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Matt Wing - My Shodan Experience

Having been a first Kyu in first Wado and then Shotokan, I had dreamed of achieving my Shodan for years, but I felt that some big change would take place and I would know I was good enough to wear a Black belt.

While still waiting for this revelation, Shihan McClagish spoke to me about taking my Shodan grading and that put the wheels in motion.

In preparation for the day I enjoyed the physically hard training, but the Japanese terminology and Karate history were more challenging to learn; my 9 year old son helped me revise and I think he now knows it better than I!

On the day, I was nervous and by 7.00 am I just wanted to get in the dojo and get going.

The grading was a challenge, both physical and mentally, but at the end, I survived, felt I had acquitted myself to the best of my ability and passed!

Now 3 months on, I still feel a thrill when I put on the belt, and hope I can keep learning and challenging myself to deserve it.


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