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Kyu Gradings - 10th/11th June 2023

Another successful grading day for Milton Keynes and Bedford areas students and the standard was once again high.

Milton Keynes Area

Students gathered in the Knowles School Bletchley dojo in their grade groups for this round of kyu gradings. Due to space limitations, we ran the gradings in four grade groups with the assistance of dan grades from the MK area.

Congratulations to the trophy winners (see images below), Iris Palmer for Newton Longville and Katy Egginton for Bletchley.

Bedford Area

On Saturday 10th June the Bedford area held their most recent round of gradings. Due to it being exam season, the grading had to take place at the Brickhill Dojo and we had 4 grading groups spread across the morning/afternoon.

A quick run through of some kihon and kata before a stretch for each group was given and then their grading began in proper.

The standard of the gradings was very high and hope all candidates were pleased with their result. Take on board the feedback given and try to build on these parts of your training for next time.

The trophy recipients were awarded the quarterly trophy whilst awaiting their results. Keep up the hard work and it could be you next time!

A massive thank you to the dan grades who assisted in marking papers and for putting their gi on to assist in kumite where needed.

The trophy recipients were Nylah Hibbert for Brickhill, Filip Bernas for Kempston and Sue Gilbert for Clapham/Oakley

Trophy Winners

Join us in congratulating the trophy winners for this quarter. Keep up your training and next time, it could be you!

Iris Palmer from Newton Longville club

Katy Egginton from Bletchley Club

Tom from Green Park after school club

Beau from Newport Pagnell club

Nylah Hibbert from Brickhill and Sue Gilbert from Clapham/Oakley clubs

Filip Bernas from Kempston club


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