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George Ephgrave

I didn’t have many hobbies at the time so I always thought that one day; I would become overweight and so decided to act fast. That’s when I heard about this association of karate on the way to my lower school on one of the notice boards.

At the early age of 8 in 2005, I began training at Ampthill club under the watchful eye of Sensei Kidby from which got hooked on it within weeks. Since the chief instructor was with me, I felt secure and knew what I was doing because of how generous he was and still is in helping me to learn this art. I got the hang of attending regularly and almost instantly graded to blue belt in November of that year.

I also remember achieving a trophy from my 7th Kyu grading which myself and my family were very proud of and still are today.

I was fortunate enough in my Kyu grade years to double-grade. This happened when I was going for my 3rd intermediate grade (brown tags) when I realised that I worked hard that grading and earned myself my full 3rd Kyu (brown belt). A nice achievement.

On the day of my Shodan grading on 24th March 2012, I was a nervous wreck. Thankfully, other Dan grades were there to support me and tell me that everything was alright. I felt that my tokui kata (kankudai) was appropriate because I thought my presentation was going to be everything I trained for and more! (Whilst panicking at the same time.) This had served me well as I thankfully passed on my first attempt. I never thought that I could reach this grade at such a young age however I have seen it done before by Mr. Urquhart Crosbie whom was younger than myself when he had graded.

I believe that I have developed a family at this association and that it gets stronger every time that we meet, be it; gradings, regular sessions or at courses. We have always treated each other as family and shall protect each other inside and outside of the dojo. I am proud to be a part of such a magnificent association.


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