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Elena Floris Kata and Bunkai Course - July 2016

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

On a warm Saturday July 9th, at our usual course venue of Hastingsbury School dojo in Kempston, 70 CFTS black belts and students met for a course to be taken by Shihan Elena Floris. She has at various times been English, British, European and World champion at both Kata and Kumite so it was a much-anticipated course by all who attended.

The afternoon began with Renshi introducing Elena Floris and by saying it was two firsts in the same afternoon. The first time since the inception of CFTS we have had a female instructor and secondly that it was the first time we have held a senior-grade-only course.

Renshi went on to congratulate Elena Floris for recently passing her 5th Dan which was followed by long and loud applause. Renshi then explained that she must now get used to being called Shihan Floris, a big compliment and a big step forward. Shihan was about to prove why she has been awarded that grade and why she had won so many competitions.

The actual course began with Shihan Floris taking the warm ups, some varied, some the same. She went on to introduce the content of the course. We were to study Gojushiho-Sho (Kancho Kanazawa calls Gojushiho-Dai). It means 54 steps or alternatively Woodpecker pecking a tree.

We began taking by selected basics, moves and combinations from the kata performing them in angles used in the kata. Having spent a while doing various blocks, strikes, kicks and punches we moved on to the kata its’ self. Shihan Floris took us through the kata very slowly explaining in great detail the need for good posture and capably demonstrating the purpose of each move and how stance and weight shifting from one to another generates power.

After performing the kata medium speed to count, we moved on to bunkai. Here we were introduced to some basic some more advanced and varied thoughts behind the moves most had begun to understand. By now students were both warm and thirsty so we stopped for a short break.

After the break and with renewed vigour we resumed bunkai training now taken from deep within the kata which was more taxing and demanding but great fun. Sadly time was moving past too fast and as the time approached to finish Shihan had another trick up her sleeve. She asked some to perform the kata whilst four or five around them attacked them giving the kata purpose and the appearance of a fight with multiple attackers.

To conclude the seminar everyone was asked to perform the kata one last time, firstly to count then no count. Renshi thanked Shihan for coming and taking such a great seminar followed by rapturous applause. As time had now overrun, we finished the afternoon with our traditional group photo shoot and a presentation to Shihan Floris by Sensei Andy Gillies on behalf of the Dan grades.

Thanks for a great afternoons training Shihan - we look forward to you returning next year to take us for a kumite course.

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