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Dojo Etiquette

The correct Dojo Etiquette must be observed at all times: i.e. bowing upon entering and leaving the Dojo, correct respect shown to Instructors and visiting Sensei, and respect for fellow members, whatever grade they may be.

  • Smoking will not be permitted in the dojo.

  • Members should at all times make a personal effort to ensure that their karate Gi's are washed and cleaned regularly.

  • Toe nails and finger nails must be cut regularly so as to prevent injury to other members.

  • Members who wear their hair long will be permitted to wear Machi-Machi (head-bands) to prevent hair falling into their eyes and effecting concentration during a training session.

  • Rings, watches, necklaces, earrings and other personal adornments must be removed prior to each session. These items are liable to cause injury.

  • All articles of value should not be left in the changing rooms as the Instructor and Secretary cannot be held responsible for articles which are lost, damaged or stolen.

  • Members train at their own risk; neither the instructors or the Secretary can accept liability for any injuries incurred whilst training.

  • Members should not arrive or go home in their karate Gi. Juniors who arrive/leave in their gi must NOT wear their belt.

Any member found using Karate against a person outside the Dojo, found to be dishonourable, of an unsuitable character, who shows a blatant disregard for Dojo etiquette and respect or shows no self-control whilst training shall have their membership terminated.

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