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Dan Gradings - March 2017

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The bi-annual dan gradings took place in Kempston on Saturday 18th March. They took around two and a half hours. For the candidates it must have appeared much longer. Their grading began with gruelling basics and moved on to kata of which they very capably performed: Sochin, Bassaidai, Jiin, Jitte, Hangetsu, Kankudai and Nijushiho, all to a very high standard.

After kata, they had to demonstrate all forms of Shotokan Kumite including freestyle. Licking their wounds, out of breath and extremely tired, they had an oral examination testing their knowledge of Shotokan and its history and related facts and dates.

Finally they each had to demonstrate tameshawari (breaking) of wooden boards by both hand and feet.

We are pleased to say that three candidates departed happily.

Roy Currie obtained Shodan and Paul Comb and Daniel Palcu were promoted to Nidan.

Many congratulations from the panel. Thanks must also go to the black belt volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to assist so that the candidates could grade.


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