Dan Grading, October 2018, and AGM

Many congratulations to those who were awarded their new grades on Saturday October the 6th in Kempston at the black belt gradings.

Those who were successful in being awarded the next grade on their journey of discovery and enlightenment of karate were:

Joshua Penniston (Shodan 1st Dan, Oakley)

Aidar Talibzhanov (Shodan 1st Dan, Newport Pagnell)

Steve Cook (Shodan 1st Dan, Bletchley)

Simone Weber (Nidan 2nd Dan, Kempston)

All the candidates performed extremely well and were rigorously tested in all aspects of Shotokan including the history, philosophy and wider knowledge of the art by the grading panel which took about two hours. These grades were not easy to achieve and were only awarded after long arduous effort on the day and over the many years of dedicated practice that lead up to the day.

Genuinely well done to you all. Congratulations! Now you may relax a while and enjoy your karate before the work begins for your next grade!!

Thanks to those who sat on the panel and to the dan grades who gave up their time to help out and put the candidates through their paces.


It was also a true red-letter day for Shihan McClagish as he hit yet another major milestone on his karate journey.

He was awarded 6th Dan by Renshi at the annual Dan grade AGM which took place immediately after the Dan gradings.

The grade is well-deserved and comes after many years of dedicated training, studying and teaching Shotokan. His training began in1987, when he took his 11-year-old son to a beginner’s course with the Traditional Association of Shotokan Karate (TASK).

It was during his time with TASK he was awarded firstly Shodan, then Nidan. He became their Association Secretary which at the time boasted 1400 students. Following a three-year break, due to pressures of running an expanding business, his training resumed in 1997 when he joined CFTS at their Kempston Dojo. It was here in a more relaxed and non-political environment that his passion for karate was rekindled.

Since joining CFTS his karate has developed further and continues to enjoy both training and instructing. In February 2002 he established a new club in Clapham, now in Oakley, which continues to go from strength to strength. Shihan McClagish has been a great servant of CFTS and its students and has been a very active member of the controlling executive and Chairman for over 15 years.

Congratulations to Shihan from all the instructors, Dan grades and students of CFTS.

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