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Dan Grading and AGM / Safeguarding Course - October 2016

The morning of Saturday 8th October 2016 saw another group of nervous candidates awaiting their Shodan (and Sandan) gradings. They might be smiling in the photograph, but deep down they knew thay had to face 2-3 hours of testing of their abilities, speed, power, stamina and endurance.

After a hard-fought session (and they would all agree on that point), they all emerged victorious and were awarded their new Shodan licenses and black belts. What happened during the grading is a closely-guarded secret - you'll have to wait until it's your turn to find out!

Congratulations from the Executive, the grading panel and all students go to Simone Weber (Shodan), Dan Young (Sandan), Ben Holloway, Nick Holloway, Sandeep Singh and Eamon Kennedy (all shodans).


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