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Crosby Family Relocate to USA

Sadly, due to work, the Crosby family have had to re-locate to the USA.

The whole family have been great supporters of CFTS. For numerous reasons only Urquhart and Somerset are training at the moment. Originally they began their karate life at the Alameda School club in Ampthill run by Sensei Kidby but have been regular attendees at many of our clubs around Bedfordshire.

Urquhart leaves us as Shodan and Somerset is preparing to take the same grading and leaves us as a 1st Kyu.

On Wednesday the 6th they trained at the Kempston club for the last time. Sensei Kidby and Sensei Saunders presented gifts on behalf of everyone with best wishes of all the instructors and students of CFTS. We hope they soon settle into their new life in the USA and enjoy the next chapter of their life.


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