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A Shotokan Karate Book of Facts - Leyton, Nursey and Randall

A Shotokan Karate Book of Facts: Volume I by Leyton, Nursey and Randall

This book is exactly what it says on the label. It is an invaluable reference book full of relevant facts about Shotokan Karate, compiled by three renowned Shotokan instructors, Senseis Randall, Nursey & Leyton.

Written in question and answer format the reader is given facts and figures that constitute the history of Shotokan. Some facts and figures are well documented elsewhere but many are detailed here for the first time.

Shotokan book of facts Vol I is a very enjoyable and informative read, that leads to an enrichment of background knowledge of our fascinating art. For me the book scores 9/10 and is an essential read for all serious practitioners of Shotokan. Regrettably the book is currently out of print but Sensei Randall informs me that due to demand a new run could soon be printed.

A Shotokan Karate Book of Facts: Volume II by Leyton and Randall

Continuing on from Volume I, Shotokan book of facts Vol II is a further valuable addition to one's personal library regardless of grade. Details on many instructors I have either known or trained with are included in this edition.

The book moves on from volume one introducing information and technicalities about our kata. It is once again full of interesting photographs, text and is good a good sequel to the first. My score 8/10. This edition is currently available through our federation.

A Shotokan Karate Book of Facts: Volume III by Leyton and Randall

Volume III completes the trilogy of works and is still full of yet more Shotokan facts and information. Some of the facts within this volume are a little obscure but it does give yet more background knowledge even if some information may appear irrelevant.

This book does however include a glossary, selected terminology and a reference index to all three volumes and as such is a necessity to anyone owning volumes one and two. My score 7/10. As with volume II this book is currently available through our federation.

To purchase you can contact sensei Kidby; Amazon do not seem to list these particular volumes.


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