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2009 Courses

Upcoming courses for this year:

February 14th

Shihan Sahota

Kumite Course

May 16th

Shihan Holmes

Blunt weapon defence

July 11th

Shihan Michael Randall

High grade kata

November 14th

Shihan Bob Spoor

Knife defence course

Please be aware of the following regarding ALL courses;

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance from your regular dojo sensei

  • All courses will be held at the Hastingsbury School/Challenge Academy in Kempston


  • Remember, if you are over yellow belt or over eleven years of age, you must attend at least one course per year.

  • Students above brown belt and all Dan grades are expected to attend every course!

  • Club instructors please impress upon your students why they should be attending these courses.

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