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Social Media

We, in CFTS, are trying to get more social media savvy and have a better online presence. This will assist CFTS encouraging new students to try karate with us, as well as developing our CFTS community. This is to everyone’s benefit. With that in mind we could do with your help and assistance, please.

If you use Facebook could you please go to our page once a week, leave a comment, and like or upload a picture:

If you also use twitter please could you do likewise for us, tweet something and become a CFTS follower:

Of course we have our own website too which is a free resource for all our students & parents. This is an underused facility and it is FREE to use. It genuinely is probably the best martial arts website you can find, full of useful information as well as comprehensive grading help.

Please anytime you like send us in photos or comments for the website to keep it fresh and interesting. Who wants to read yesterday’s newspaper?

Any help and assistance you can give in helping to promote CFTS and its clubs would be greatly appreciated.



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