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Wellingborough Club

We are currently running the following class:

  • Monday

    • 19:30-20:30 all grades

Instructor: Shihan Liam O'Reilly, 5th Dan


Mobile: 07502 298862

Dojo Address:

The Bader Hall

Victoria Centre

46-50 Palk Road



Recent Club News

Club Trophy Award Winners

It was decided back in 1983 to reward and encourage students by presenting a club trophy at each grading. The recipient would be the student who stood out in some way from the rest for a variety of reasons.

On certain circumstances, the trophy might be awarded to the karate-ka with the best technique. More commonly however it is awarded to the student who has trained with diligence and dedication. It may be awarded to a student who simply turns up regularly at the dojo early to sweep the floor. Most often though it is given to the karate-ka who shows an understanding of karate-do in some way. Maybe they have done some good deeds away from the dojo or maybe raising funds for charity etc.

To list all the reasons for handing out the trophy here is not possible but suffice to say in the eyes of their sensei it is deserved. The choice should never be questioned because it is not always possible to explain why it was awarded and sometimes it is unwise to do so. Please though join with us in giving our sincere congratulations to all winners, past, present and future.

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