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age empi uchi

upwards elbow strike. Also called tate empi uchi

haishu uchi

back hand strike

haito uchi

ridge hand strike

ippon nukite

one finger strike

kakuto uchi

bent wrist strike

keito uchi

chicken head strike

kentsiu uchi

side hammer fist strike

kumade uchi

bear hand strike

mae empi uchi

forward / front elbow strike

mawashi empi uchi

roundhouse elbow strike

nihon nukite

two finger strike


spear hand strike

otoshi empi uchi

downward elbow strike

seriyuto uchi

ox jaw hand strike

shuto uchi

knife hand strike

tate empi uchi

upward elbow strike, also called age empi

teisho uchi

palm heel strike

tetsui uchi

bottom fist strike



uraken uchi

back fist strike

ushiro empi uchi

rear elbow strike

yoko empi uchi

side elbow strike

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