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Shotokan Karate Dictionary - Schlatt

Sensei Kidby very kindly loaned me this book to help me with the construction of this web site. The author is a German Karate-ka who has traveled extensively and has learnt to speak/write in Japanese.

The book's title describes the content well; it contains a brief description and a single picture of basic karate techniques. If you are looking for a teaching aid - this is not the book for you. What this book does contain that makes it very interesting, is the Japanese janji (Japanese calligraphy) for all the moves and basic karate terminology.

The book also details the more literal translations/meanings of common techniques, katas and sayings.

The book also contains some various quotes from famous sensei's, along with the appropriate Japanese kanji.

In summary a good book but only if you are interested in the Japanese kanji or the Japanese language.

This book was very hard to find on the internet, Amazon do not seem to sell it but I did manage to find the authors site in Germany where you can buy it direct from him, here.


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