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Shihan Holmes Course - November 2015

Around sixty of our students met at the Bunyan Sports Centre in Bedford recently on a Saturday afternoon to be taught by Shihan Mally Holmes. He is a regular and popular visitor to CFTS due to his method of teaching, level of skill and his humour. On this occasion he was assisted by his 4th Dan wife, Pauline, and 2nd Dan Ian.

After the warm ups taken by Ian, Shihan introduced the content of the course. We went through some grabbing techniques followed on by some locks and restraints. Simple blocks and counters were taught which were easily grasped by all who attended regardless of grade, both young and old. Considering the grade range was from blue belt to 7th Dan, and from 6 years old to sixty, this in itself was an achievement.

Shihan went in to detail that when using Jittsu to remember simple basic physics. Use fulcrums, levers and pivots reversing the natural movement of a joint to cause maximum pain. It works too, as the pain suffered by many who attended proved. He went on to further explain where to focus one’s counter strikes to cause maximum results. He went on further to explain that once you had struck an assailant their body immediately relaxes so subsequent strikes to the same area will have greater results. This means that you don’t have to be punching or striking so hard. It is better to be doing so fast, in quick succession, repeatedly until you have won the skirmish.

After a break, Ian took over with some effective ground work enabling one to defend on the ground and showing us a few effective ways to restrain an attacker when prostrate. This part of the course was enjoyed by all, albeit a little uncomfortable, as it was fun, realistic and effective.

Shihan concluded the afternoon thanking everyone for attending, and for their efforts and attention, and handed out certificates of attendance to everyone. All-in-all in was another thoroughly enjoyable afternoon’s tuition in the calendar of CFTS. Many thanks must go to Shihan Holmes and his fellow instructors. Here’s looking forward to your next visit.

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