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Sensei Matt Eagles RIP (1978-2023)

Updated: May 18, 2023

It is with great sadness that we have recently said goodbye to Sensei Matt Eagles.

Matt started his karate journey in 1997 with the late Sensei Steve Bell (creator of the bo kata Bo Jitsu Beru). After his Sensei passed away, he stopped training for a while but always thought about karate.

In June 2009 Matt walked into our dojo in Newton Longville and humbly asked if he could train with us. He graded to 1st Kyu in September 2009 and then took Shodan in March 2010.

There are few amongst us that can be considered to be true karateka, someone who lives and breathes karate to its fullest extent but Matt really was one of these exceptional people. He had no ego, he just loved his karate training and was a gentleman in and out of the dojo.

He was admired and respected in every dojo in which he trained and we were very proud that he was a student at our club for eight years. He had the ability to listen and to learn but also to teach and help the other students with many aspects of their karate training.

Matt left the CFTS in 2017 to continue his training with another true karateka, Sensei Chris Gillies, but always kept in touch and attended club events and functions.

We both have very fond memories of our time with Matt – one highlight was when he, Sensei Andy Gillies, Pam and myself were invited to train under Shotokai’s Harada Sensei, the first time Shotokan and Shotokai had trained together in many years.

Rest in peace, Matt Eagles, you will be sadly missed.

Matts funeral was held in Milton Keynes on Wednesday 17th May 2023. On a request from Matt's family, it was an honour for us all for for Pam to speak about Matt on behalf of the club. Thank you to the members of CFTS who attended.

Sensei Simon McMahon and Sensei Pam McMahon

May 2023

A few images of Matt.....

Escrima Training

Matt with Shotokai's Sensei Minh Chung and the late, great Harada Sensei


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