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Sensei Kidby Awarded 7th Dan

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

During the recent Sensei Slue course, Sensei Kidby was given a surprise. He was presented with his 7th Dan Black belt in recognition of his achievements and services to karate by Sensei O'Reilly (5th Dan) and Sensei Slue (5th Dan).

Sensei Kidby started Karate in 1972, so he has been training and teaching for nearly 40 years which is quite an achievement. Within that time span he has affected many thousands of lives through karate. He was a major influence in the growth of the TASK association; he then set up his own association CFTS (for which we are all proud members of), has been an active participant in the growth and development of a more modern and safe way of teaching karate, especially with children. He has brought hundreds of people through to the rank of black belt, including all 5 of his children, and has a few people still training under him from the very first club he started many years ago.

His enthusiasm for karate and training has never wavered and he is constant source for new fun, challenging and inventive ways to teach karate.

Sensei Kidby was also presented with a commemorative picture collage depicting the path through his karate history.

Congratulations Sensei from all your karate-ka! We appreciate all your efforts & dedication.

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