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Sensei Finch Course - February 2005

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Sensei Finch came to Hastingsbury School again to give us a good afternoon's training. This year it was quite mixed; Sensei Finch taught us some of his favourite techniques and bunkai. We started with a fairly vigorous warm-up session, quickly following with some evasion/throw techniques in groups. He taught us some locks and restraints, or throws. We recapped on the locks and restraints flow that we had been taught on a previous course. We also practiced some bunkai from a selection of different kata.

Again we had a good turn out for the course. Sensei Finch demonstrated Empi-Uchi to the top of the head, and demonstrated on some of his students that he brought along to help teach the course. He showed us several locks & restraints and also how to get out of them if they were not put on correctly.

Sensei Finch presented Sensei Kidby with a gift in recognition of Sensei Kidby attaining 6th Dan recently.

Sensei Finch received a Wazikashi (medium length blade), an ancient Samurai's weapon. This was given to Sensei Finch by Sensei Kidby as thank you for once again taking the time to provide us with an enjoyable course.

Thanks go to Sensei Finch for another good course! I am sure everyone is looking forward to next year's course already!

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