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Newton Longville Fete 10th September 2022

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Members of Newton Longville and Bletchley clubs met at the annual Newton Longville Fete on a sunny afternoon in September.

The expected rain did not appear and the sun came out as the karate students entered the area to perform our karate demonstration. We were preceded by the kickboxing fraternity so all the students knew they had to do their best.

We did some kihon basics to demonstrate kicks and punches and some kihon ippon and jiyu ippon sets to show our kumite pair work.

Then the kyu grades performed their katas, ranging from Heian Shodan to Heian Godan, closely followed by the dan grades performing Sochin.

To demonstrate the use of weapons, the bo kata Suishi-no-kon was performed by one of our younger dan grades.

Some circle training followed, both without and with weapons, demonstrating multiple attacks, blocks and counters, disarming and takedowns.

The breaking did not go as planned, but the juniors stepped up and did their "wood" breaking much to the crowds enjoyment.

After a final bow, the juniors raced around handing out leaflets before we all headed for home.

Here are a few images of the day.......


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