Kyu Gradings - September 2014

The September gradings crept up on many students who were ill prepared. Some had not been training enough over the summer due to being away on extended holidays or away at relatives. Some simply hadn’t been to the dojo often enough just because the weather was warmer. This resulted in the number actually grading being fewer than normal. Some chose not to grade; others had been advised not to until they were more prepared.

At the grading, Renshi mentioned to those there that grading is not a right. “To grade is a reward for attending and training regularly. One doesn’t train to grade, one grades because one has trained diligently and is ready to do so. Remember it isn’t the belt you wear that is important; it is how good you are that is the more important factor.”

For those who had practiced well and were prepared it was a rewarding day for most passed with flying colours. For those who weren’t as successful: use it as a motivation to go away and practice, and success will be yours next time.

For some students, the winners of the quarterly club trophy awards, it was a real red-letter day. The winners were:




BUSHFIELD Jaya Okunekwu

CEDARS Millie-Grace and Nyla-Rose Abdul

CLAPHAM Ethan Cairns

KEMPSTON Aaron Trethowan



WOLVERTON Maddie Sturgeon

Whilst giving out the awards, Renshi proudly announced that we were very fortunate to have Harada Sensei, one of Gichin Funakoshi’s students, to take us through a Shotokai kumite course on February 7th 2015.

He said entry will be by ticket only, costing only £20, and would be sold on a first come first served basis. So get your name in to your club instructor quickly. To explain more about Harada Sensei and the course, all in attendance on the day received a news letter.

Further copies are available from your club instructor.


The next course is Shihan Holmes on Saturday November 15th 2014 at 14:30 at the Bunyan Sports Centre, Bedford.

Make a note of the date and be there!

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