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Kieran Grant

I began Karate aged 8 at Kempston club with Renshi Kidby, at first just looking for something to do. By the time I graded to 10th kyu I knew karate was right for me. I enjoyed progressing through kyu grades and every belt gave a new sense of achievement. For me, the first real test came when I graded for 3rd kyu and was awarded my brown belt. After this, Karate became much more serious and I began to understand that there was more to Karate than just getting the next belt.

When I achieved 1st kyu, I was aware of the daunting task ahead. After more than a year of hard training and effort, I successfully graded for Shodan, aged 15. My Shodan grading was like nothing I had ever experienced and the relief afterwards was overwhelming; all the hard work had paid off! Since becoming a Dan grade I have enjoyed continuing my training and learning more about Karate.

I enjoy competing and attending courses throughout the year, which enhance my training and aid my development as a Karate-ka. It is important to constantly improve and learn from other Dan grades. I am proud to be a part of the fantastic association, CFTS. Although I don't know what the future holds, I would like to continue training whenever possible.

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