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Hayley Kidby

I started Karate at the age of seven as the rest of my family were already doing karate. Therefore I wanted to know what Karate was like and so, I went along to one class and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since that first lesson Karate has always been my main interest although I have tried my hand at various other sports as I was growing up. These sports include gymnastics but did not enjoy it. Also, I ran for my Middle School in the National School Cross-Country competition two years in a row and one year we even managed to get to the finals. I have also tried horse-riding and played football, hockey and rounders for my upper school.

However, Karate has always remained my favourite hobby. My interest remains with Karate for numerous reasons such as the events that we have throughout the year such as the courses and the competitions. Within CFTS we are fortunate enough to have many instructors that are talented and have dedicated their life to Karate both within the association and the instructors who put on our courses each year. Another aspect of Karate that I look forward to within the CFTS calendar is the competitions that happen both as a judge and a competitor. As well as this I have been lucky enough to have been placed in most of the competitions that I have taken part in.

I gained my Shodan in March 2007 after much dedicated hard work over the first eight years of my Karate training. This was a big moment for me as all my brothers and sisters were already a black belt at various levels so to be able to achieve this grade was a very proud moment in the Kidby household. However, getting my Shodan also, gave me more dedication when training in order to prove myself as a Shodan. This led to me getting my Nidan in March 2011 after another four years of hard work and again was a very proud moment for me.

I want to continue Karate for as long as my body permits me to and still very much enjoy my training as much as that first lesson back in 1999. Hopefully, one day I will become an instructor of my own club in order for other people to take up the Martial Art and can give these new students the same expertise and experiences that I have been lucky enough to witness throughout the last 13 years of my own training. I hope that the new people who come to the association will enjoy their Karate as much as I have done and will go far within CFTS.


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