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Dan Gradings - March 2009

Details of the recent March Dan gradings.

Congratulations must go to Urquhart Crosbie (Ampthill club), Sunny Kumar (Clapham club), Kyle Harris (Brickhill club), Sue Dimmock and Andy Branch (both from Kempston Club) all who successfully passed their Shodan grading on Saturday March 21st.

The standard really was very good. After nearly two hours of gruelling examination, both physically and verbally, the newest federation black belts were both physically and mentally exhausted and only too pleased to depart for a long drink and a soak in the bath.

Also successful on the day in obtaining Nidan were Frances Livesey & Judy Morgan-Jones from Clapham and Risely clubs respectively. Congratulations to both these ladies too.

Thanks must go to the volunteer dan grades who turned up on the day to assist in making the gradings run so smoothly. Without them and their help these and other gradings could not take place. I think sometimes our dan grades are taken for granted by students. Our black belts are very helpful, co-operative and willing to do anything in the name of karate to help in the smooth running of CFTS. I am confident that the newest black belts in our federation will follow their shining example and continue in the same vein.


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