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Competition Day 2006

CFTS attended the competition organised by SKA (Shotokan Karate Association). Again it was well attended by CFTS karate-ka who all demonstrated great spirit and determination.

Saturday was for Junior Events. The freestyle and Kata competitions were exceptionally close and CFTS students started collecting trophies very quickly including a fantastic first place for Alex Thomas and a well deserved place for Cameron Little. The final lower grade freestyle competition was very close. Daryl demonstrating a level of control and spirit much higher than his grade; he fought a fantastic fight and won a very well deserved second place. Also featured are Venisha, who finally lost by such a close 1 point margin (despite waiting a long time to compete) and Jack for his great performances (both Kumite & Kata), as well as the fantastic Gold medal performance from the junior women’s team kumite competition

Gobolahan also waited a long time to compete but fought exceptionally well with great spirit against someone who was eventually disqualified for being too old for the category in which he entered.

Sunday was for Senior Events. The full list of competitors from CFTS was:

  • Simon Morrice

  • Holly Shea

  • Michael Robinson

  • Alex McKayAustin

  • Luke Whitworth

  • Luke Schipani

  • Graham Wakley

  • Tinda Potts

  • Gregg Surridge

  • Sensei Waterhouse

Sunday’s event for Seniors had some spectacular demonstrations of Kata, with the winner performing Sochin to a very high standard. In a very spirited final kumite, Newton Longville Students Alex McKay-Austin and Michael Robinson demonstrated fantastic enthusiasm, and gave spectators a great display of freestyle - and the St. John’s ambulance team a few hours' extra paperwork!

In the Kata category, Simon Morrice performed an excellent Heian Yondan to get Third Place. In the White to Purple and White belt senior freestyle, Gregg Surridge won a very impressive third place whilst fighting some very talented opponents. Sean Little competed in the under 18’s Kumite, and, cheered on by his rather impressive fan club, fought an exceptionally hard but controlled fight to win a very well-deserved third place.

The senior freestyle event was also very spectacular, with displays of controlled aggression and good technique. The two CFTS entrants fought bravely and showed a good level of control and technique. Luke Whitworth won a well deserved 3rd place. Holly Shea fought in the Women’s freestyle and was given the opportunity to fight against juniors or seniors. She acquitted herself well and showed the true spirit of Karate-Do in fighting opponents much more experienced than herself, winning two trophies.

The Women’s team Kumite Team consisted of Sensei Waterhouse, Holly Shea and Tinda Potts. They competed in a very close competition in which they lost by the narrowest of margins. Tinda deserves special mention as a Yellow Belt competing against some opponents with a lot more experience!

The men’s team kumite final was a dramatic and exciting conclusion to a very long, but very rewarding day.

Thanks to everyone who represented the CFTS and all the support by other CFTS members and parents! Well done to all the people who competed, whether you won or lost! To quote Sensei Kidby: ”Taking part though is not just about carrying away a trophy or medal. The experience gained makes all those who entered winners and much richer as Karate-ka for the experience.”

The competition was another success for CFTS karate-ka!

(Thanks to Graham Wakley for compiling the weekends activities from several sources of information).

Please inform us if there were any mistakes in names, positions etc or someone who has been missed out!

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