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Area Gradings - March 2006

Congratulation to all those students who successfully obtained their next belt at the recent gradings which were held over two weekends at the end of February and the beginning of March.

Thanks must be given to all who participated at the Bletchley Leisure Centre because, not for the first time, when we got there we had to cope with our dojo being set up for a MK Lions basketball match! The occasion went very smoothly despite initial difficulties giving proof that in Karate it is always wise to expect the unexpected.

Partly due to the increasing numbers at the Bedford area gradings and to the fact that St.Neots and Buckden clubs have rejoined us for the examinations, a new area has been created. This new subdivision of the Bedford area gradings is at Risely, where all went well. It is hoped that gradings will be a less fractious affair for all students by this new initiative.

Taking any test is a nervous affair that all instructors are aware of and it is hoped that this and ongoing ideas will make the occasion less so. Also, to the same end, for the first time at Bedford athletic stadium parents and spectators were asked to view from outside the immediate area. This again was to assist younger students and to prevent them from being so readily distracted by waving to loved ones, and also to allow us more space for training and grading.

Particular congratulations to those students from all areas who outshone others from their clubs and were rewarded by being presented the trophies this quarter.


Maurad ElGhazili, Marv Gatehouse, Alexandra Thomas & James Massey BEDFORD AREA WINNERS David White, George Ephgrave & Steve Kavanagh

CLAPHAM & RISELEY AREA WINNERS Luke Schipani & Matthew Law


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